All about Web Design

dipan das

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Many graphic artists work on visual elements that will be used on a website. But it’s important to note that web design and graphic design are different.

Designing a great website is a multidisciplinary undertaking because websites are interactive, rather than fixed assets like a brochure or a magazine. You need graphic design skills as well as experience with user experience (ux) and user interface (ui) design , which is why many websites are designed by teams of multiple professionals with complementary skill sets.

Web designers may work on projects including:
  • Creating icons and buttons
  • Creating images, illustrations, and other graphics
  • Designing web page layouts
  • Creating various interactive design elements on a website
  • Creating videos and gifs
  • Helping ensure visual elements are optimized for all devices (desktop, mobile, etc.)
  • Working with web development, UX, UI, and marketing design teams to improve overall experience for site visitors. Of course, plenty of graphic designers are also web designers and have created beautiful websites and mobile apps without the support of a large team. And thanks to no-code platforms like Webflow, designers can create stunning interactive websites without needing extensive knowledge of coding.


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Many UI/UX designers work on creating user-centered designs that ensure a seamless and engaging experience for website visitors. While web design and UI/UX design share some common elements, they are distinct fields with different focuses and skill sets.