How to Earn Money on YouTube by Re-posting Videos from Chinese Apps


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Earning money on YouTube has become an appealing option for many content creators. One interesting and sometimes controversial method is by reposting videos from Chinese apps like TikTok (known as Douyin in China), Kuaishou, and others. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this process:

Step 1: Understand the Legalities​

Before diving in, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications. Reposting content without permission can violate copyright laws, leading to potential strikes on your YouTube channel or even legal action. Always aim to use content that's either in the public domain, licensed under Creative Commons, or for which you have obtained explicit permission from the creator.

Step 2: Identify High-Quality Content​

Chinese apps like Douyin and Kuaishou are treasure troves of viral videos, including dance routines, funny clips, DIY projects, and more. Spend time browsing these platforms to identify engaging and high-quality content that has the potential to attract a global audience.

Step 3: Obtain Permission​

Where possible, contact the original creators to request permission to repost their videos. Many content creators are open to sharing their work as long as they are credited properly and might even appreciate the additional exposure.

Step 4: Translation and Localization​

One key advantage of reposting content from Chinese apps is the language barrier. By translating the content and making it accessible to a non-Chinese-speaking audience, you add value. This could involve adding English subtitles, voice-overs, or even just descriptive video titles and captions.

Step 5: Edit and Enhance the Videos​

To make the content more appealing to your audience, edit the videos. This can include:

  • Adding English Subtitles: Use tools like YouTube's built-in editor or software like Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Creating Attractive Thumbnails: Thumbnails are crucial for attracting clicks. Use Canva or Photoshop to create eye-catching thumbnails.
  • Compilations: Combine several short videos into one longer compilation to increase watch time, which is a critical factor for YouTube monetization.

Step 6: Upload and Optimize​

When uploading the video to YouTube, ensure you optimize it for search and discovery:

  • Title: Use relevant keywords that people are likely to search for.
  • Description: Provide a detailed description with keywords and links to the original creators (if permission was obtained).
  • Tags: Use tags effectively to improve the visibility of your video.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Respond to comments and engage with your viewers to build a community.

Step 7: Monetize Your Channel​

To start earning money, you need to be part of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). This requires:

  • At least 1,000 subscribers
  • 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months
Once you meet these requirements, you can apply for YPP and start earning money through ads, channel memberships, and Super Chat.

Additional Tips for Success​

  • Consistency: Regular uploads keep your audience engaged and help with the YouTube algorithm.
  • Analytics: Use YouTube Analytics to understand what works and tailor your content accordingly.
  • Community Building: Foster a sense of community by interacting with your audience through comments, polls, and live streams.


Re-posting videos from Chinese apps on YouTube can be a lucrative venture if done ethically and creatively. Always prioritize obtaining permission and adding value through translation and editing. With consistent effort and smart optimization, you can build a successful YouTube channel that not only entertains but also earns a steady income.

Happy posting!