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About SSL Checker

About SSL Checker

SSL Checker allows you to find out the issues with your SSL certificate installation. Test SSL certificate to check whether it installed correctly on your website. To scan a website using an SSL tester just type your website URL into the box below and click the Examine SSL button.

Check the validity of SSL certificates with an online SSL test:

As stated earlier, an SSL certificate provides peace of mind for those accessing a protected site since you're able to use the site without a guarantee the data isn't going to Which brings me to highlight what an SSL certificate does. Accordingly, its items--such as server name, company, domain, and location--have to be clustered.

Anyone who visits the page can see if a site is using SSL through the navigation bar, just by looking at if the URL begins with HTTPS. However, just having it is not sufficient for this; the validity of the certificate must be determined too. A site administrator may verify the validity of a certificate using an SSL validation tool.

Our SSL checker online is a free and useful tool that you can upload to test if your SSL certificate is functioning properly and as it should. An SSL test is the best way to find out whether the SSL certificate is active as intended and is essentially just a restatement of what the certificate executes. Prior to running the SSL test, you must have a certificate that you can easily order from a provider that will offer one to you.

How To Check SSL Certificate?

Using this tool is really easy! The SSL cert checker tool is an online modified tool, so you need to not download or install anything. The procedure listed below are moved into, for making use of our SSL cert checker tool on the web:

  • Go to the SSL Checker page; you will see an input field labeled Enter URL. You can either copy it or type the domain name in the text box.
  • The next and the last step is to click the check button.

Our SSL certificate checker will display the results in a matter of seconds.

Impact Of SSL Certificate On Search Ranking

In 2014, Google announced all sites with an SSL certificate would receive a little ranking improvement. Search engines, especially Google, values SSL security.

Perhaps you are already familiar with SSL certification. Simply put, this procedure makes an encrypted connection between a website and a user. It also protects your data from an unauthorized third party by placing a barrier between your data and an attacker. That is particularly significant when buying online when you have to provide payment information to proceed. Thus, this provides protection for the information. You must-do for websites to secure the trust of search engines and visitors alike. Google informed the public that it is going to highlight sites, which are not secure.