email marketing

  1. SeoToolsbuz

    Acelle Mail the best email automation script

    Recently I have purchase Acelle Mail. This is the best self host email automation script. Lets you send high-volume marketing emails easily via your own server or through other email service (SMTP) providers. In the past time, I also use Mailwizz for email marketing. It's also good. But there...
  2. Samantha Ryals

    How to change MailWizz timezone?

    Now I will show you, The process to change MailWizz Timezone from an admin account or Customer account. Let's start..... #Step 1: First log in to your Mailwizz from your admin account or customer account. #Step 2: Click on the Profile icon from the top right corner. #Step 3: Now click on...
  3. GreatTech

    Why mobile responsive email template is perfect?

    Here are some reasons: Improved user experience: Mobile-responsive email templates are designed to provide the best possible user experience on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. By optimizing the layout, font sizes, and images for smaller screens, mobile-responsive templates make...
  4. SeoToolsbuz

    Get New Clients by Sending Cold Emails.

    Cold Email: Cold email is a type of direct outreach used to connect with potential clients, customers, and other contacts. It involves sending an unsolicited email to someone who may not be familiar with you or your organization. Cold emails are often utilized by businesses and entrepreneurs as...
  5. R

    What is HTML Email Template and How does it work?

    What is HTML Email Template? HTML Email Template is an online service that allows users to create and manage email templates in a visual, easy-to-use manner. With HTML Email Templates, users can design and build their own email campaigns with the help of tools like drag-and-drop editors, custom...