Why freelancing on upwork.com is going hard day by day?


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Freelancing on platforms like Upwork.com has become increasingly challenging for many reasons. Understanding these factors can help freelancers navigate the competitive landscape more effectively. Here are the primary reasons why freelancing on Upwork is getting harder:

1. Increased Competition​

a. Growing Number of Freelancers​

The popularity of freelancing has skyrocketed globally, leading to an influx of new freelancers on Upwork. This increase in competition means that securing jobs has become more difficult, as there are more individuals vying for the same opportunities.

b. Diverse Skill Sets​

As more professionals from various fields join Upwork, the competition spans across all industries and skill levels. Even highly specialized niches are seeing increased competition, making it harder for even experienced freelancers to stand out.

2. Client Expectations​

a. Higher Standards​

Clients on Upwork have grown more sophisticated and demanding, expecting high-quality work at competitive prices. This has raised the bar for freelancers, who must now consistently deliver exceptional results to satisfy clients and secure positive reviews.

b. Preference for Established Profiles​

Many clients prefer to hire freelancers with a proven track record, including numerous positive reviews and completed projects. This makes it challenging for new freelancers to get their foot in the door and build a reputable profile.

3. Platform Changes​

a. Fee Structure​

Upwork has implemented various fee changes over the years, affecting how much freelancers can earn. The platform takes a percentage of the freelancer’s earnings, which can be substantial, particularly for small projects or new freelancers.

b. Connects System​

Upwork’s "Connects" system requires freelancers to use tokens to apply for jobs. This system limits the number of proposals freelancers can send, making it crucial to choose job applications wisely. Running out of Connects means having to purchase more, adding to the cost of finding work.

4. Global Economic Factors​

a. Economic Downturns​

Global economic instability can lead to fewer job postings as businesses cut back on expenses. This results in more freelancers competing for a reduced number of opportunities.

b. Currency Fluctuations​

Freelancers dealing with clients from different countries might face challenges due to currency fluctuations, affecting their overall earnings and making pricing strategies more complex.

5. Technological Advancements​

a. AI and Automation​

The rise of AI and automation tools is changing the freelancing landscape. Some tasks that were previously outsourced to freelancers can now be handled by automated solutions, reducing the demand for certain types of freelance work.

b. Advanced Tools and Platforms​

Freelancers now need to keep up with new tools and platforms to remain competitive. Continuous learning and upgrading of skills are essential, which requires time and investment.

6. Marketing and Personal Branding​

a. Need for Strong Online Presence​

Freelancers now need to invest more in personal branding and marketing. Building a strong online presence through websites, social media, and portfolio sites is crucial to attract clients.

b. Networking​

Networking has become more critical. Freelancers must actively engage in communities, attend virtual events, and build relationships to find opportunities and referrals.

Strategies to Succeed​

Despite these challenges, there are strategies freelancers can adopt to improve their chances of success on Upwork:

  • Specialize: Focus on a niche where you can become an expert and stand out from the competition.
  • Improve Skills: Continuously upgrade your skills to stay relevant and offer high-quality services.
  • Optimize Profile: Create a compelling and professional Upwork profile, highlighting your expertise and experience.
  • Client Relationships: Build long-term relationships with clients to secure repeat business and referrals.
  • Effective Proposals: Write tailored and compelling proposals that address the specific needs of each job posting.


While freelancing on Upwork has become more challenging, it remains a viable career option with the right approach and strategy. By understanding the factors contributing to the increasing difficulty and adopting effective tactics, freelancers can navigate the competitive landscape and achieve success on the platform.


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We know that upwork.com is the best freelancing marketplace.
But now a days it's added connection cost for accept an invite. This is not good for a freelancer.
Beside this every freelancer need to buy a lots of connection every month. That is not good.