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The meaning of the web design process is to create a set of files that are placed side by side on one or more Internet servers
The design background should not interfere with the content in any way, the content should be as legible and clear as possible The design of the website should be characterized by ease of loading, as Internet browsers often do not have patience to wait for a web page to take a long time to load and if it takes longer than usual to load. done to open the website quickly Websites with interactive content Interactive content pages are pages that allow users to perform specific actions on the page, such as sign up, post messages, make electronic payments, and more. and these sites are usually of an investment nature to their owners. Interactive content sites are sites that allow users to perform specific actions Any website on the Internet consists of three basic elements (the name and address of the website - the server that holds the website files - the website files themselves are displayed to the user). The design process of any website requires dealing with these three elements as they complement each other for the final website to appear on the internet.