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Yes we all want have many followers, we only differ on how we want to get them, some people prefer to only get 10000 YouTube subscribers organically and for some of us we know that YTube algorithm can be manipulated to our favor if we carefully study it well enough. We have all heard high quality videos, regular uploads etc is the key to success in YTube, and it is true but at the same time sometimes this is not enough or it will take much longer get some traction and start getting a return to your investment. Gone are the days when any new video from channel had equal chances to get viewed, YTube doesn’t work like Tiktok (Even in Tiktok its getting harder and harder but more on that later). Most channels has little or no subs and they hardly make any money for their owners, remember to join adsense program where publishers are paid for their content you need to have at-least 1000 followers and 400 watch-hours. Its unfortunate that most channels have not reached this milestone and actually most YTuber give up before reaching it because they get tired of not seeing any result. Don’t be one of them, boost your channel and start seeing results sooner.

  • Good website layout

  • Has experience in the industry

  • Has a various packages


  • They don’t offer free trial

  • No paypal

  • Poor customer care Service

  • Not active users

  • Dropping fans


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Qqtube; Some years back used to be the best website to procure 10 000 followers, however with each YTube update, their service has continued to deteriorate. Here are some key highlights of their services:
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