Main Difference Between Web designer & Web developer


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Job Places for Web developer vs Web inventor
A web developer is like an mastermind who develops a vision of the website, its look, feel, and function. The main tasks of the developer range from stoner exploration and information armature to typography and UI( stoner interface) design.

A web inventor acts like a construction worker, turning the mastermind’s vision into a functional website. A inventor uses programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS to make the website’s frame, fix bugs, and make it functional. inventors have to cover a wide set of tasks, from programming the UI to maintaining the garcon- side of websites.

Different job places for web contrivers are :-

1. stoner Experience( UX) developer – a UX developer is responsible for figuring out what a point’s druggies and implicit druggies want, whether their demands are getting fulfilled after using the point, determining stoner stories, erecting stoner personas, and performing stoner testing. The developer must make sure the website exhibits a logical inflow, all relations are intuitive, and fulfill stoner requirements.