Interior Sound Barrier Temp Highway Construction Acoustic PVC Acoustic Noise Barrier Quiet Barriers


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Interior Sound Barrier Temp Highway Construction Acoustic PVC Acoustic Noise Barrier Quiet Barriers

Based on such developing background, our factory covers more than 5, 000m2, so it's no double that we have the advantages to achieve and solidify our competitive production environment, workmanship, equipment, scientific management and an outstanding quality control system. Acoustic products can be provided by us! Our wide selection of acoustic materials will help you and your company work in the safest way.

We mainly produce and sell various products to customers of contracting company, apartments builder, structural engineering firm, architecture and design company, and other companies. OXDTLH specializes in polished concrete countertops, concrete tables, highway noise barrier, concrete coffee tables and all custom concrete furniture. ContractorBR is a reliable and professional paint contractor, serving customers in Homestead and its surrounding areas! XHKJYK is a comprehensive construction service that can meet all your remodeling needs, including design and structural engineering. FRDS is a contractor that provides services for commercial, residential, industrial and other types of projects. FMCHV is a custom swimming pool designer, swimming pool renovation, custom outdoor kitchen designer and landscaping company in The Woodlands & Woodforest.

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Most of our products have been exported to Guayaquil Ecuador, Negombo Sri Lanka, Bamber Bridge United Kingdom, Valencia(–Sagunto) Spain, San Pedro Sula, Aparecida de Goiania Brazil, Bayawan Philippines, Beer Sheba Israel, Cartagena Colombia, Milazzo Italy, Ujjain India, Hon Gay Vietnam, and other countries and regions up to now.

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1. I work with actor who is interested in putting in a sound barrier at his new property. He has many questions and would like to set a call with a consultant at your company. Please let me know if this is possible.

2. We are looking at fitting out a new premises in the next few months and are looking around at various options for acoustic panels on the walls for both decorative and acoustic properties. We will have 9 drum rooms in total. Is it possible to get some samples sent of different options and colours that we provide so we can discuss what might work best for us?

Our products have many commercial applications including processing plants, industrial facilities, enclosures for industrial equipment, noise reduction factory equipment, mechanical equipment rooms, compressor housing, utility maintenance sites, reduces noise interference to residents, general plant noise, load manufacturing process, and so on.

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