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Evadav is a leading advertising platform trading native ads, push notifications, inpage messages and popunder on CPM and CPC basis. Serving 3+ billion impressions per day, we strive to be best in class. We offer bespoke technology, a 24-7 client care service with dedicated account managers, and a wide range of ad formats and payment options to suit you. We believe your business deserves nothing less. At Evadav, we take pride in partnering with you to help your business bloom. Let's evolve together!

- Native Ads
- Push Notifications
- Inpage Messages
- Popunder

Get access to over 75000 publishers, advertisers, and direct sies

In-house fraud filters and optimization intelligence systems take care of each click preventing mislead. Only targeted clicks on your ad.

For advertisers
- over 40K quality direct publishers and site owners;
- over 100 billion ad impressions monthly;
- loyal and fast moderation and approval of creatives 24/7/365, on average, within 15 minutes;
- 40+ payment systems;
- in-house advertising ecosystem, including SSP, DSP, DMP, Ad Exchange and Programmatic units, as well as an intelligently optimized AI unit;
- referral program - CPA $100;
- each click tracked and optimized for your profit!

For publishers
- over 25k quality direct advertisers
- 50k+ active campaigns monthly
- 24/7/365 support and tech help for explosive monetizing of your traffic
- referral program in the amount of 5%
- instant weekly payouts starting from $25 via 15 payment systems

Join the advertising platform that will take your business and income to a new level!


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@EvaDav ,
Thanks for sharing your infomation.
Is it Google adsense alternative? Could you please share more information?


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Hello, Evadavers!

The winter magic does not end with the holidays. At least the Evadav team believes in it. So we decided to extend this fabulous season with another profitable promo for advertisers with bonuses up to $100 and cashback up to 5%. We are sure it will help you to maximize profit using February’s top geo and verticals.

Best geo at the moment:
- United States of America
- India
- Indonesia

Top results by the vertical:
- Dating
- Gambling
- Goods
- Nutrition
- Gaming

All you need to do to prolong the profit season and get maximum benefits is to participate in our promo. Are you ready?

So, what does it take to make magic happen?

Terms and Conditions:
- Top up the advertiser’s balance and get a guaranteed bonus.
- Create new advertising campaigns on the top geo of this month: US, IN, ID.
- Send a request to [email protected] with the subject: EVADAV FEBRUARY BONUS.
- Increase spending by 10% in the second half of February, 15.02-28.02 (compared to the first one, 01.02-14.02).
- Get your wow cashback up to 5%.

All Evadav advertisers can participate: both new accounts and those who have long been with us, but only with newly launched campaigns on selected geo.

Bonus system:

Each advertiser will receive a top-up bonus of:


The bonus is valid for one replenishment of each advertiser.

After adding and creating an advertising campaign, be sure to write to the support team so that your manager can give you a bonus and help with the targeting settings and all the necessary options for a successful campaign.

The bigger your advertising campaigns and spend, the more cashback you get:


Remember, you create the magic. And the Evadav team will support and help you to make it happen as often as possible.

Go for bonuses and cashback


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Thanks for sharing more information.
I am really happy with your features. I hope that many people get lots of money by using your network.


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Hello, Advertisers!

Celebrity guests, the most expensive TV ads, the best athletes - yes, only a few days left before Super Bowl 2023.

To help you set up an effective campaign for the upcoming Super Bowl, the Evadav team analyzed the previous campaigns and developed a mini-guide to the world of American football. We also created a profitable promo for advertisers, making this event even more memorable and profitable.

No more words; let’s get to business.

What is betting?

It is one of the fastest growing verticals in affiliate marketing with a good income level with the right approach.

It's a huge business in the United States and in the world.

People may refuse the opportunity to see the future, but they will never resist the temptation to play and earn.

The gamble and the desire for profit continue to attract many players to sports betting and are likely to remain at the top for a long time.

Of course, the Betting vertical is the most popular during the Super Bowl.

The general trend is as follows:
During all sports events, the audience becomes more responsive to advertisements and engaged.

Top geo

The leading geo is easy to predict - of course, the USA is the absolute leader in profit and conversion rate, which is expected since the majority of the audience watching the American football competition lives in the United States.

But there are other geos that Evadav's team predicts should also show high financial results, involvement, and enormous CTR.

The best geo look like this:
- United States of America
- India
- Brazil
- Germany
- United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Evadav tip:
Pay attention that all these countries belong to different levels of traffic, so do not add all these geo to one campaign. The conversion rate will depend on how popular American football is in a country. Use our top geo recommendations and you won’t fail.

The most effective ad formats

Which advertising formats will be the most popular and effective during the Super Bowl?


Inpage and push traffic are very popular now. These formats are ideal for event-oriented campaigns.

We all know that the audience prefers mobile devices, so messages sent at the right time have a good chance of converting users.

Evadav tip:
Do not neglect popunder and native ads. They will also show positive results with the right approach.

Ask your manager for advice, and he will undoubtedly give you the best format for the Super Bowl campaign.

Creatives and how to make them engaging

We recommend using creatives that are thematically close to the target event; their conversion rate is much higher than other images.

Don't forget to test, analyze, leave the most effective creatives, and get the desired profit.

Examples of the best creatives:

General Sports Theme Images


Super Bowl images


Images with American football and its stars


Images with game subtext that trigger the gamble of users



Evadav tip:
If you advertise a betting offer, make sure it is in accordance with the laws of your target regions. It will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Top offers

Another crucial step for a profitable advertising campaign is selecting the best offer.

Current on Affbank.com:



You can find in MyLead.com:


OfferVault.com offers:


Evadav tip:
Carefully study partner networks and their offer-base, paying attention to their rating. It will allow you to evaluate the prospects of certain offers and choose the best of them.

And, finally, the main surprise from Evadav is the Super Bowl promo for all advertisers

Promo terms:

- top up your ad balance with $500 or more
- create an advertising campaign for the betting category
- be sure to use the creatives of the Super Bowl American football championship
- achieve $100+ spending on this ad campaign
- get extra bonuses from Evadav, while receiving a profit from your skill

Promo’s bonus system:

When you reach $100 spending, send an email to: [email protected] with the theme of SUPERBOWL 2023 to get a $50 bonus.

The bonus will be transferred to the balance within 48 hours from the support team’s reply, on average, within 4 hours.


The bonus is available an unlimited number of times to all advertisers from 07.02.23 to 14.02.23. You must repeat all the conditions of the promo to receive the bonus again.

Extra bonus:

The Evadav team prepared a pack of creatives with high CTR potential. Available to all our advertisers at the creation of ad campaigns.

Evadav tip:
As a rule, you should run event-oriented campaigns no later than a week before the event. Therefore, we recommend starting the preparation and launch of advertising campaigns today, without delay, because the closer to the Super Bowl, the greater is competition for traffic.

We hope that our promo and this article will help you create converting campaigns and incredible profits at Super Bowl 2023

Go for a super profit with Evadav


Are there many bonuses for webmasters? And I wanted to know about the verticals, as I understand it, there is a gut and a gamble? What rates do you offer on them and conditions?


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Are there many bonuses for webmasters? And I wanted to know about the verticals, as I understand it, there is a gut and a gamble? What rates do you offer on them and conditions?
Hello, we always have a lot of bonuses) write to your manager


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Thanks for sharing more information.
I am really happy with your features. I hope that many people get lots of money by using your network.
Hello, with us there are many who earn big money because they do everything right


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Hello, Evadavers!

The Evadav team is constantly working on improvements.

This is crucial to us as we commit to providing more platform upgrades that will improve your experience, advertising efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

And we keep our promise!

This month’s Evadav functional updates:
- the choice of several categories of countries;
- inpage format examples were added;
- developed important tooltips;
- created the unfolding of the bids’ block;
- implemented news section in a personal account.

Read our blog

Test Evadav’s features


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Are there any requirements for using AI tools in Evadav?


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Hello, Evadavers!

In the digest, we introduced adult games to a great perspective in 2023.

And when you still decide to test the vertical, our advertiser has already earned $579.05 with adult gaming in the USA geo and has reached ROI of 58.15%.

In our case study, we tell you in detail how to:

- promote games 18+ effectively;
- choose Adult gaming offer;
- configure and optimize your campaign;
- and how much you can earn at Gaming Adult in 2023.

Go to the case study

Launch gaming campaign with Evadav


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Hello, Evadavers!

Many fear working with Tier 1 traffic, thinking it is expensive and the audience is too demanding. But the prospects of earning are so firing that missing this opportunity is a crime, no other way.

We will debunk all myths and tell you about the intricacies of profitable work from the very Top Tier-1 – USA.

In our new guide, you will learn the following:
- features of US audience: mentality, language, preferences, life priorities;
- prospects of geo and top verticals with the latest statistics;
- advertising formats that bring the most conversion;
- approaches to making creatives with vivid examples;
- exclusive recommendations from Evadav experts for cosmic ROI;
- life hacks to create an effective 2023 strategy for the United States.

You’re about to make a little trip to the USA.

Read the complete guide

Launch US-campaign with Evadav


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Evadav team is glad to announce fantastic promos for you! Keep reading to find out more.

Starting from Mar 7, create and launch new advertising campaigns on the top geos:

- US
- ID
- BR
- UK
- IT
- JP

And pay attention to the top verticals:

- Dating
- Webcam
- Gambling
- Betting
- Trading
- Nutra
- Apps

Here what you will get:
- $50 bonus for the 5% growth of the spend compared to the 20.02.23 - 06.03.23 period;
- $100 bonus for the 10% growth of the spend compared to the 20.02.23 - 06.03.23 period

How to Get a Bonus?
Get the bonus by emailing us at [email protected] with the subject line "march bonus" within the period after the end of the activity on 22.03.23 - 26.03.23.

The promo will last from Mar 7 till Mar 21.

And There is More!
All devices are beeping from greeting Push messages; e-commerce sites offer In-Page and Native ads, as well as Popunder - it’s 8 March!

We are greeting all the women on International Woman's Day! On this day, let’s thank every woman in our life and show them love. Happy Woman’s Day!

To this occasion, we’ve prepared one more bonus surprise for you:

Get +8% for replenishing your balance up to $1000 by using the promo code march8!

Launch your campaigns with Evadav

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What ad formats does EvaDav support?


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Hello, Evadavers!

Did you know that the best way to quickly and inexpensively promote a content website is to buy Evadav traffic?

Our partner shared his experience driving popunder traffic to his site, which resulted in more than a million clicks for just $848.

Want to know the secrets of such success – read the case study in which we:

- tell you all about the Content Website vertical;
- talk about the offer types and practical advertising formats;
- share ways to drive traffic to the site with 18+ video content;
- reveal the secrets of creating a selling landing page;
- give expert advice and life hacks on customizing and optimizing campaigns.

Remember, whether you are an advertiser or an arbitrator. What is important is that the Evadav traffic converts fiercely. Just look at the figures!

Read the case study

Buy Evadav’s quality traffic


Does EvaDav have an affiliate program, and what conditions does it offer?


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Does EvaDav have an affiliate program, and what conditions does it offer?

EvaDav offers an affiliate program where you can earn up to 5% commission on the earnings of the publishers and advertisers you referred. Details and conditions of participation can be found on our website or from your personal manager.


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Which countries are the most profitable to work with EvaDav?