Deadening Pads Noise Soundproof Mass Loaded Acoustic Sound Rubber Vinyl Barrier Insulation



MLV is invented for design versatility, performance and unlimited applications for environments that require the most resistant to harsh conditions for outdoor noise reduction. And it's an excellent material and an ideal alternative for interior acoustic panels as well as interiors finishes in hospitals, airports, train stations and subways stations. It is created to offer higher performance and used as the alternative to conventional acoustic materials and acoustic floor insulation materials in exterior applications.

Our main sell markets include customers of land planning firms, architectural builders firms, house renovation companies, etc. SoundB was established to provide our end customers with a complete customized sound insulation window solution. Its management staff are experienced engineers and integrated personnel with core expertise in windows. RTSAAP is one of the most advanced plastic products manufacturing companies, such as uPVC pipes, household plastics, uPVC fittings, threaded pipes, plastic pipes, water pumps, etc. ConstructionContractorT is an employee-owned mechanical and electrical industry construction and maintenance contractor, construction rigging engineer, heavy lifting and equipment relocation specialist. XVBY offers our customers with the highest quality and most consistent services provided in the new construction, historic building renovation and VA Adaptive housing industries.

Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk
Our ever-growing client list includes buyers in the Canberra–Queanbeyan Australia, Ubon Ratchathani Thailand, Smethwick United Kingdom, Banha Egypt, Sao Paulo, Sao Vicente Brazil, Butuan Philippines, Tampico Mexico, Sydney Australia, Libreville Gabon, Sambhal India, Oslo Norway, etc.

I'm interested in your product Acoustic Insulation Roll Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV Acoustic Insulation Material Building Materials, I would like some more details. I look forward for your reply. what's the biggest roll you can supply 1200mm wide ideally I am looking for 500m roll for my industrial laminating process.

I have questions regarding the installation of the sound reducing mat. I am an interior designer who works on restaurants and hotels and am looking for acoustic solutions. I am also looking at options for using a movable wall for a dance studio. I do not have a set space yet, but am looking at my options to divide the space. It would be 25ft -35 ft for the wall with a height of 12-16 ft.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Acoustic Deadening Insulation Noise Block Sound Barrier MLV Manufacturer in China

It is used in a variety of applications such as health clubs, club resort, celebration high school, banquet hall project, airport hotel, conference room project, training room, music training studio, library building, auditorium & theater, multi-purpose school hall, etc.

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