1. SeoToolsbuz

    How to stop asking FTP/ FTPS credentials from Wordpress?

    Here is the possible questions are: 1) How to stop WordPress from asking for FTP/SFTP credentials when installing a plugin or theme? 2) Why WordPress asking for my FTP credentials to install plugins? 3) How to Disable FTP Login Details in WordPress when Upgrading Plugins? 4) How to Resolve...
  2. SeoToolsbuz

    How to Hide WordPress Admin Bar for all users?

    Today I will show you, How to hide WordPress Admin Bar for all users. I will share the idea without any plugins. Step 1: Go to your functions.php and add the below line of code: add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_false' ); Step 2: Then add the below line of code inside the style.css file...
  3. admin

    Query for WordPress Related Posts without plugin.

    Many people are trying to wordpress theme developent. Sometimes they are looking, How to add add related post into wordpress without any plugin? Now I will share the simple code to add Realated post inside/ bottom / sidebar of the post page. How have just nothing to extra coding for configure...
  4. SeoToolsbuz

    How to create WordPress Back-to-Top Button custom coding?

    I will give you the super easy process to add WordPress Back-to-Top Button. I will do this with simple Html, CSS and Javascript. So Let's try now, #Step 1: Go to your footer.php and add the below kinds of HTML coding: <a href="#" class="btn btn-warning goToUp">o</a> I am adding here only the...