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    How to install Php GMP on Ubuntu VPS Server?

    Thanks for your kind information. It's working good.
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    Acelle Mail the best email automation script

    Recently I have purchase Acelle Mail. This is the best self host email automation script. Lets you send high-volume marketing emails easily via your own server or through other email service (SMTP) providers. In the past time, I also use Mailwizz for email marketing. It's also good. But there...
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    Why freelancing on is going hard day by day?

    Freelancing on platforms like has become increasingly challenging for many reasons. Understanding these factors can help freelancers navigate the competitive landscape more effectively. Here are the primary reasons why freelancing on Upwork is getting harder: 1. Increased Competition...
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    How to Earn Money on YouTube by Re-posting Videos from Chinese Apps

    Earning money on YouTube has become an appealing option for many content creators. One interesting and sometimes controversial method is by reposting videos from Chinese apps like TikTok (known as Douyin in China), Kuaishou, and others. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this process: Step 1...
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    Best Free Email Verify Tool: Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

    Introduction: In the realm of digital marketing, email remains a cornerstone for businesses to engage with their audience. However, the effectiveness of your email campaigns is heavily dependent on the quality of your email list. Enter the best free email verify tool, available at...
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    How to stop asking FTP/ FTPS credentials from Wordpress?

    Here is the possible questions are: 1) How to stop WordPress from asking for FTP/SFTP credentials when installing a plugin or theme? 2) Why WordPress asking for my FTP credentials to install plugins? 3) How to Disable FTP Login Details in WordPress when Upgrading Plugins? 4) How to Resolve...
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    How to Hide WordPress Admin Bar for all users?

    Today I will show you, How to hide WordPress Admin Bar for all users. I will share the idea without any plugins. Step 1: Go to your functions.php and add the below line of code: add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_false' ); Step 2: Then add the below line of code inside the style.css file...
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    How to create WordPress Back-to-Top Button custom coding?

    I will give you the super easy process to add WordPress Back-to-Top Button. I will do this with simple Html, CSS and Javascript. So Let's try now, #Step 1: Go to your footer.php and add the below kinds of HTML coding: <a href="#" class="btn btn-warning goToUp">o</a> I am adding here only the...
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    AtoZ SEO Tools Script Review.

    AtoZ SEO Tools is a set of search engine optimization tools that are designed to help website owners improve their website's visibility and ranking on search engines. It is a PHP-based system that can be easily installed on a web server, providing users with access to over 50 different SEO...
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    How to add Branded Domains or Custom Domains on

    Now I will show you, How to add a custom domain or branded domain on URL Shortener #Step 1: First click on Branded Domains link from the left sidebar or click here. #Step 2: Then click on Add Domain Button from the top right corner or click here. #Step 3: Now enter your domain...
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    How to create Google reCAPTCHA API Keys?

    Now I will show you, How to create Google reCAPTCHA API Keys? First of all, you know that Google reCAPTCHA is a security tool used to protect websites from spam and automated abuse. A reCAPTCHA key is a unique identifier that allows website owners to use Google's reCAPTCHA service on their...
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    What is Directory Submission and how it works?

    Directory submission is a technique used in search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the visibility of a website on search engines. It involves submitting a website's URL and other relevant information to web directories, which are websites that categorize and organize links to other...
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    What is ChatGPT and How Does it works?

    ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI, designed to understand and generate human-like responses to natural language input. This powerful AI-based language model has been trained using a massive corpus of text data from various sources, including books, websites, and social media...
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    Get New Clients by Sending Cold Emails.

    Hello @nwalineme, There is an easy hack. For this use Linkedin or Linkedin Sales Navigator. First filter data with Company Type, Location and then filter decision maker person e.g. CEO / CFO / Founder. Now get the email of that person by various extensions like Salesql, Skrapp,
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    How to Make Money Online?

    Hello, First, select your blog niche. Then create a website with that niche. Day by day creates some posts about that niche. Once you will reached some post 30 or more posts, Then take approval from some affiliate site e.g. Impact or so on. After getting approval, then create a post with that...
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    Get New Clients by Sending Cold Emails.

    Cold Email: Cold email is a type of direct outreach used to connect with potential clients, customers, and other contacts. It involves sending an unsolicited email to someone who may not be familiar with you or your organization. Cold emails are often utilized by businesses and entrepreneurs as...
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    How to fixed DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error?

    Now I will show you, The process to fixed DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. Sometimes we will faced this kinds of problem on google chrome. Like the below screenshot: To solve this problem, #1: First go to your Control Panel from your PC. #2: Then go to Network and Sharing Center. #3: Now go...
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    How to unzip a zip file on Ubuntu Server?

    @Matthew , It's a simple process to do this. Let's follow the below process: Step 1: First connect your Ubuntu server via SSH and Then install unzip by the below command: sudo apt install unzip Step 2: Then show the file location by the below command: sudo -s Step 3: Now back to the home...
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    How to make money through Digital Marketing?

    I have heard that many people earn lots of money by using Digital Marketing. Could you please tell me, Some best ways to make money using Digital Marketing?
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    Earning Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing.

    What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is an effective way to generate passive income online. This form of marketing involves promoting other people's products and services in exchange for a commission. With the right approach, affiliate marketing can be used to create a steady stream...